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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Vision: Towards seamless quality care - Together

  • Towards: this is a journey, not a destination
  • Seamless: this refers to service provision, timeliness and guiding patients across different care settings based on their needs
  • Quality care: comprehensive range of services to offer the right care for patients at the right time
  • Together: working with patients, caregivers, providers, partners and policy makers - not on our own

Mission: Partners for Better Health

  • Partners indicates organizations (both healthcare and non-healthcare) working together with patients and caregivers for the common purpose of better health
  • Better health means helping you achieve better quality of health in your life journey
  • We achieve this by coordinating a diverse group of healthcare professionals & services to deliver the right care & information for your health at the right time

Values: Trust, Respect, Teamwork

  • Trust: We believe that each partner will do their part for what is best for the patient
  • Respect: We welcome the diversity of our partners, recognize their unique strengths and work with them for better health
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively as partners and together with the broader community