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Health Management Unit

What is Health Management Unit

The Health Management Unit (HMU) was conceived with the view that patients with chronic and long term diseases live with their conditions in the community for their whole lives. There is a need to engage patients about their health and equip them with knowledge and information on how to live with their disease when they are at home. Patients are also usually more receptive to listening and learning about their conditions in the comfort of their own homes and it is more convenient than asking patients to return to the hospital or outpatient clinic.
Supported by a Patient Relationship Management (PRM) IT system that is core to the HMU programme, the nurses will be able to access past clinical indicators and information and also capture each interaction with the patient. This system is an enabler for HMU nurses to build continuous relationships with individual patients, and providing support to meet patients' needs better.


Once the patient's chronic condition is identified, either through point-of-care admissions or through check-ups, nurse telecare coordinators will from that point on help identified patients to manage their medical condition through tele-monitoring and tele-education. They will provide support to patients that include education, coaching, diet, lifestyle adjustment, monitoring and care coordination.
The HMU will also work closely with the patients' medical point-of-care where needed. This will help to ensure patients with chronic and long-term diseases are monitored in the community.

Who is Eligible

The HMU has started with the Diabetes programme. It will progressively roll out other programmes for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Ischemic Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Stroke and Hip Fracture patients.
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